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Coil Spring
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Coil Spring

Product Detail

Stock sizes in music wire and stainless steel
We offers a broad variety of helical compression springs in the  selection. They are reliable, inexpensive and efficient - the right combination for general-purpose use throughout industry.


 Music Wire - Per ASTM-A228 or AMS 5112. Music wire springs are not recommended for applications where the temperature exceeds 121 deg. C (250 deg F.)
 Stainless Steel Type 302 - ASTM-A313 or AMS 5688 spring tempered (chemical & physical only). Stainless steel springs are not recommended for applications where the temperature exceeds 260 deg. C (500 deg. F).
 Type 302 stainless steel is slightly magnetic. Surface of stainless steel may have a residue of nickel on the surface. This is normal and will not affect the function of the part.
 Wire diameter is prior to forming
 Music wire will be furnished unless stainless steel is specified. When inquiring or ordering, use letter "M" or letter "S" as suffix to designate music wire or stainless steel, respectively.
 No charge for certificate of compliance when requested; certificate of chemical analysis available, see price book.

Direction of Helix - Right Hand


 Squared and ground. Ends to be square within 30 with axis O.D. size 0.057-0.088 in (1.45-2.24 mm) squared end not ground Free length L is for reference use only. Load P is attained at length L1. For stainless steel multiply P by 0.833.
 Load values shown are for music wire
 For normal service, springs should not be compressed below L1. (May take a set beyond L1)
 To determine load P at any length other than L1, multiply the proposed deflection by the rate R. *[P = (L-Lx) x R]. When stainless steel is used the value for rate R must be corrected by multiplying R by 0.833.


Standard finish is that of the normal wire. Shot-peened and plated finishes furnished on request. Allow sufficient additional time for special finishes.


O.D. (English)
O.D. (Metric)
0.057 to 0.119 in ± 0.003 in
1.45 to 3.02 mm ± 0.08 mm
0.120 to 0.240 in ± 0.005 in
3.05 to 6.10 mm ± 0.13 mm
0.241 to 0.500 in ± 0.008 in
6.12 to 12.70 mm ± 0.20 mm
0.501 to 1.000 in ± 0.015 in
12.73 to 25.40 mm ± 0.38 mm
1.001 to 1.225 in ± 0.020 in
25.43 to 31.12 mm ± 0.51 mm
1.226 to 1.460 in ± 0.030 in
31.14 to 37.08 mm ± 0.76 mm
1.461 to 2.000 in ± 0.040 in
37.11 to 50.80 mm ± 1.02 mm

Load, P at L1 ± 10%
Spring Rate, R ± 10%
*Lx = Desired Load Length